The Ripple Effect Program is committed to creating a rich learning environment, with sustainable schools and the hope for a brighter future for children in Guatemala. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity to children in challenging environments through promoting literacy and education. 


The Ripple Effect Program started with the Kenora Rotary Club, but is now a project of District 5550.

A stated goal is to promote one community at a time until the country is free from poverty.

Since it began in 1989, over 85 schools have been built in rural areas benefiting over 25,000 children. Another important aspect is the construction of bathrooms as the poverty is such that the children don’t have sanitary bathrooms. The program also constructs playgrounds, kitchens and computer classrooms. As well, they are installing water filtration systems. Rotary supports teachers in Guatemala through the Ripple Effect Program and has handed out almost 500 scholarships.

Over the last number of years, our club has participated in building the schools in Tameja (2009-10), Los Caneles (2011-12), Chuchuda (2014-15) and Hernaldo Beltran Jr. school in Los Limones (2019-20).