After an initial promotional visit, on July the 30th of 1917, by District Governor Jeff Lydiatt of Calgary, prominent business leaders in Saskatoon agreed to hold an organizational meeting, for the purpose of establishing a Rotary Club in the city.

This meeting was held on Tuesday, August the 14th at 8.30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall and the decision was made to form the Rotary Club of  Saskatoon and to elect both a slate of Officers and a Board of Directors.


The club's Officers elected were: - President, Arthur Moxon

                                                        Vice-President, John D. Millar

                                                        Secretary, Wm. G. Mulock

                                                        Treasurer, R.R. Randall

                                                        Sergeant-at-Arms, Fred M. Borland


Also elected as Directors were: - Wm. C. Borlasse, W.F. Herman, H.L. Martin, R.H. Potter and T.A. Potter

Although a practicing lawyer, Arthur Moxon's classification was listed as 'Trust Company'; reflecting his involvement on the Board of the National Trust Co. Ltd. He apparently took this classification as fellow Charter Member, Fred M. Borland, had been assigned that of 'Attorney at Law'.

It is interesting to note that the position of Sergeant-at-Arms was, at the time, apparently an elected position and an Officer of the club.