George M. Donald joined the Rotary Club of Saskatoon in June of 1919; four years prior to becoming a Rotarian, he had been appointed as Saskatoon's second Police Chief.

Donald, a Boer War veteran, and former Toronto police officer, was to serve both Rotary and the City of Saskatoon well. From 1921- 1924 he served as a director of the club and, in 1924-25, he became its fourth President, this was followed by a further additional year as a member of the Board.

He was to remain an active Rotarian, until his retirement from the Saskatoon Police Service in 1946.

On his departure from the force, Chief Donald concluded a career that encompassed 38 years of law enforcement service, 31 of those as Police Chief of Saskatoon; his term, as head of the Saskatoon force, was the longest tenure by far of a Police Chief in the history of Saskatoon.

He passed away in 1969 at 89 years of age.