The famous entertainer Harry Lauder, visited the club on March the 4th, 1918, a little over a year prior to being knighted. Lauder was a bona fide member of the Rotary Club of Glasgow , and addressed the club members and their ladies on the virtues of Rotary; It is not known whether he actually sang at the fuction although, at other Canadian clubs that he visited, he was often asked to lead the singing and was, on most occasions, pleased to do so.

While in Chicago, in 1914, Harry Lauder had met Paul Harris and the two had become good friends, inspiring Lauder to write a song, 'In the Rotary', which he often performed on

club visits.

Lauder had also been quick to realize the impact of Rotary in creating goodwill and understanding between countries, and was quoted as saying that 'Rotary is the golden strand in the cable of international friendship'.